About ARKhive


ARKhive is a repository of augmented reality proof of concepts, intended to give agencies and companies a resource to help in the development of their AR projects.

AR development and the cost can be different for every client. Since this is a repository of concepts, the ideas are shared among the users. Once funding for any project has been agreed upon. That project can be removed from the collective, and new projects will take its place.

The following concepts are available for your review and if you would like to include us in your ideations please contact George Brown at gbrown1962@mac.com

IU School of Informatics and Computing Capstone Project

This project is a creative work in progress and is a marker based augmented reality application. Past projects have been reimagined with an AR component to extend the clients brand engagement with its customers.

When viewed through a AR compatible device. Each card introduces the user to a proof of concept example of how augmented reality can enhance a specific brand. Check out my capstone poster for additional insight. I am available to review this project with you, or any other design and production help you are needing to augment your current staff.

*Note there is no sound associated to this video, it is used to illustrate the AR aspect of the cards.