Dream Car, Dodge Viper


Your dream car in the palm of your hand, for a lot less money.

ARKhive developed a proof of concept that would allow auto dealers and manufacturers to engage the fans of specific models the chance to collect augmented reality versions of their favorite cars. 

If funded, we would develop an application as a sales or collectors piece our proposal would be to create a collector series of cards featuring exotic sports cars. Each card when viewed through an augmented reality compatible device would allow the viewer to interact with the image. Placing an actual size version in their garage or driveway, would allow the viewer to see if the car would fit, before purchase. With each update to the cards would improve with additional functionality, allowing users to engage with the brand on a regular basis.

Augmented Reality Proof of Concept

ARKhive proof of concept cards

Automotive - Dream car Dodge Viper

Objective - Highlight Mansur’s mission by allowing users to collect properties owned by HDG Mansur. 

Goals - Each card contains a HDG Mansur managed property. Information about the buildings are highlighted. Further development like walkthroughs of the property may be available when appropriate.