Big Data


Revealing stories through Big Data, and how it can deliver better patient outcomes.

The potential of Augmented Reality to add content and context to the world around us is an exciting one. Industry’s can mine Big Data to discover hidden stories, and questions to customer and patient needs. Healthcare, and the mining of Big Data may offer researchers and doctors insights previously not explored.

This project is a proof of concept about how the gathering of Big Data can help patients better understand their overall healthcare needs, as well as how each aspect of that care relates to each other.

A brief explanation of the concept can be heard from the supplied video. But in short, patient vitals were used as the constant for this project. During a doctors visit every patient has vitals checked. From those vitals we wanted to show the patient how they relate to each other, and how changing any one can affect the other in positive or negative ways. Which in turn would give the patient actionable information to better their overall health. Finding meaning in all those numbers can be challenging. The collection of all that data is pointless unless you can use it for the benefit of your patients and customers. 

If funded this proof of concept looks at how some of that Big Data can enhance patient healthcare by giving doctors and patients actionable context to their overall health for better outcomes. The project would also offer doctors a quick and convenient way to capture vitals, while tracking their patients health. The Application would also offer patients a unique and educational way to view how their vitals relate to each other, while offering them actionable information to better their overall health.

VISUALIZATION Healthcare - big Data

Patient Management Portal

Patient Data Management screen shot

Healthcare organizations have gathered large amounts of data, but what to make of it can be daunting. Finding actionable data that benefits doctors and patients depends on knowing how to mine that data. Unasked questions can be found that can lead to better patient outcomes. Augmented Reality has the potential to make big data more engaging and meaningful.

ARKhive is available to help you with your augmented reality intitiatives. Tap the above image to view the proposed patient portal. Contact me at for further details

Patient Web of Care


This collection of data points, tracks a physicians number of patients over a calendar year. The graphic above highlights a series of data points that capture a doctors clinic load, and appointments over a calendar year. As well as how many patients are scheduled per clinic day, and patients who have vitals out of range, are tracked and highlighted for the doctor to review and discuss issues and possible solutions with the patient.

Below you’ll find a link to download a pdf of the above graphic visualization.

Data Visualization Graphic


DataViz_graphic (pdf)