Excerpt - The Chronicles of Living Darkly by George A. Brown


Light thinks it travels faster than anything. But it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.

Terry Pratchett


Fifteen million shades of gray. 

The Big Apple, fifteen million call it home, each one with a story. Shades of gray, that lay waste to simple black and white. A City where lies become personal truths, each one sprouting its own evil, where love is spoken through clenched teeth. A City where people scurry in fear from the touch of the light, isolating themselves in twilights embrace.

Thirty years after the great plague that killed more than 10 percent of the worlds population, Technology has given the world its second great industrial rebirth, allowing a rise to greater avarice and capitalistic greed. Terrorist, both global and homegrown continues to thrive while they promulgate their individual brand of fear. Fear that ultimately weakens our once great nations resolve. So our leaders convinced the people to allow the government to undercut our civil liberties and freedoms, for a good nights sleep. 

After numerous presidents, nazi’s on our shores and thousands killed in conflicts nationally and abroad. The United States exits yet another war. While the world’s population balloons to yet another staggering number; and the government that was built by the people for the people, was sold piecemeal to the highest bidder. 

Serendipitously, events were set in motion by Fascist Mega Corporations; Microsoft, AIG, Wal-Mart, Wesfarmers, Axiom Technologies. While others, conspired to avert public and world attention from issues like; universal healthcare, rampant unemployment, high energy, food prices and overpopulation, from what they were doing. Slowly taking over the world and unifying it under their ultimate power. The very companies that were deemed too big to fail, survived to bite the hand that (Fed) it. Corporations used their consolidated power, like Caesars on high, giving the populace spectacle and misdirection, to blind them to the real problems that lay at their feet. The American government, and its people were left impotent, and wondering what happened to their countries promise and dreams of being great. 

No longer able to depend on the federal government to bail them out, municipalities around the country still reeling from the plague, and the loss of a once thriving workforce continue to search for ways to meet their citizens needs. So in doing so, they sold their cities assets piece-by-piece and ultimately their independence, to the highest bidder. Law enforcement, forever dependent on the public tit, entered into financial arrangements with some strange bedfellows. It became evident that large metropolitan cities and others were in need of someone who doesn’t shy away from the light. Someone brave enough to weather the erosion of the all-consuming darkness. That someone, is John Darkly. John became the man for our time, 

John Darkly’s past lies in mystery. As far as we know John was approximately 18 when he woke up in a New York hospital having no memory; identifying marks; scares or identification of any kind, he was classified as having long-term amnesia. At six feet two inches tall, athletic build, short hair, mustache and brown eyes. There were no alerts from any agency’s looking for anyone missing that matched his description. The only thing that linked him to his past was a strange raised circular brand on his back with varying symbols interlocked together that spiraled toward the center. Attempts to trace the brands creator have so far been unsuccessful. A national search turned up nothing and attempts were made to help John remember his past, with no success. Upon leaving the hospital, he picked a name he felt better suited him other than John Doe. He liked “John” well enough, and for his last name chose “Darkly”. He felt it would be a reminder, of his dark past, and a future he hoped would shed some light and reveal its self to him. But unbeknownst to him, his name would end up meaning so much more.


John was given a job; set up with a place to live and money to start a new life. Although he enjoyed the work he was doing. He wanted to do more. He wanted to be a detective, so he applied to the police academy. His life was a mystery, so why not embrace what had brought him to this point? Maybe helping others through their darkness he would ultimately be able to help himself. 

There were some concerns that because of his memory loss he wouldn’t be able to apply to the academy. John apparently impressed someone in high places, and he was allowed to attend.

The first year had its challenges. He didn’t have a family for support like the other cadets. But he eventually made friends that became his surrogate family. John graduated at the top of his class with impressive deductive skills and extremely athletic. So much so it earned him several academy course records, that still stand to this day. But the most interesting thing about John during his time at the academy was his ability with all things tech. Often these abilities played out by being able to enhance and see beyond the intended specifications of the devices. All of these skills gave him an uncanny ability to solve cases, in surprising and unexpected ways. 

It was a gift that drew much admiration and jealousy among some of his classmates. One of which was Mark Mallory, Mark could never seem to get out of Johns shadow at the academy. They were one and two at graduation, and John was given the top detective position on the force, a position Mark had coveted. John became friends with a fellow classmate Jake Strom. As best friends, John and Jake opened their own private eye detective agency after several years on the force. 

But given all of John’s gifts, the big question would be. How would his gifts play out in the real world? John and others play a part in a much bigger picture than he or anyone else is aware of. Through Johns adventures, we will discover how big his part will play in the unfolding of his story, a story that has implications that ultimately will affect us all.

To be continued…

Living Darkly Cover Art

Living Darkly Cover Art