HDG Mansur


Collect, Trade, Explore

ARKhive developed a proof of concept that allows HDG Mansur the ability to evaluate how augmented reality can further enhance their brand engagement with their customers. 

If funded, we would develop an application as a companion interactive piece to the coffee table 25th anniversary book that has already been designed and delivered. Customers using their phone or augmented glasses would allow the viewer to experience a featured property in 3D. Our proposal would be to create a series of collector cards, featuring properties owned and recently acquired by HDG Mansur. Since HDG Mansur is in the business of collecting and managing properties, this concept would allow Mansur's customers and business associates to remain up-to-date on new acquisitions in a compelling way beyond the standard press release.  

Augmented Reality Proof of Concept

ARKhive proof of concept card

Property Management - HDG Mansur

Objective - To highlight Mansur’s mission by allowing users to collect properties owned by HDG Mansur, further enhancing their brand profile. 

Goals - Each card contains a HDG Mansur managed property. Information about the buildings are highlighted. Further development, may include walkthroughs of the properties.