JEJ Artists Usability Study


JEJ Artists represents classically trained singers and musicians. As a final project for a Masters class in Interaction Design Method, I and a team of graduate students performed this study to discover the effectiveness of JEJArtists current site. Feel free to take a look at our findings.

What is JEJ Artists

1. Janet Jarriel founded JEJ Artists in 1996 as a talent agency for performing classical musicians

2. She represents a select roster of artists with international reputations 

3. serves as a conduit to its artist personal webpages, and offers career consultancy services. 

4. Presenters who hire talent are the most important user to JEJ Artists services, but artist, fans and random visitors also frequent her site

Our Goal

Multiple kinds of users identified by our client :

• Main users : Presenters, who hire artists

• Secondary users : Artists, Fans, and Visitors

Therefore, our goals are 

• To help presenters find artists information easily

• To optimize the experience for multiple users to get key information

Our Process

1. Cognitive Walkthrough - As a team we browsed the site to gather or assumptions, insights and questions.

2. Client Interviews - The client was able to answer our questions and give us additional insight into her business and the type of users that visit her site.

3. Persona Development - Four types of users were identified and personas were created for users as a guide for tasks completion analysis.

4. Task Completion time - Users were asked to step into the shoes of the one of the four personas and complete the task required of them.

SUS survey  were also taken after the task completion test.

5. Data Analysis - Quantitative analysis was generated from the Task Completion time, interviews and the SUS survey.

To see the full report you can download the pdf from the link above.

Usability Study
Conducted by George Brown
Krishna Supradeep Yalamarti
Szu Yu Yang, 
Swaroop John

Usability Study Conducted by George Brown Krishna Supradeep Yalamarti Szu Yu Yang, Swaroop John