Arnna, was a collaborative effort by students in the New Media P350 and N352 instructed by C. Thomas Lewis at the IUPUI School of Informatics.  My credits on the film appear under Art Direction, Graphics and Lighting.

Just One More

From a not to distant future comes a story of the last attempts of a dying species to save itself from extinction. Who lives and who dies depends on the completion of a series of tests. Adrian Fox has just volunteered for a test he thinks is simply for some much needed money. But the test proves to be far more troubling than he had bargined for. Unbeknowenst to him the completion of the test could be a matter of life and death. Will Adrian have the right answers before time runs out.

DiedrichHarmon Brand Video

Formerly called HeldDiedrich a name change along with a new identity was needed to convey a new direction for the company. The following video was created to premiere at the grand opening of their new office.

Angela M. Brown - Opera from a Sistah-Point-of-View

Angela Brown through her nonprofit Morning Brown, performs a one woman show called "Opera from A Sista's Point of View". It's a concert that is performed around the country to expose audiences to opera and try's to make the subject matter more approachable and less intimidating. Angela uses humor and her incredible voice to knock down walls that may keep others from appreciating opera.